Weekly Bulletin – March 1, 2015

This is a PDF document: Weekly Bulletin – March 1, 2015.

On Thursday, the full Bulletin with Advertisements, which includes those businesses that advertise to our parish community can be viewed at this web link: https://www.e-churchbulletins.com/bulletins/813900.pdf

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Inclement Weather Update

For future planning, when Gaston County Schools are delayed or closed due to inclement weather, the parish office operates on a 2-hour delay and opens at 10:30 AM.

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Sunday Gospel & Homily February 22, 2015

The link above us a sound bar. Click on the bar and it will play the Gospel from February 22, 2015 and Father Frank’s Homily. Enjoy.

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December, 2104 Financial Report to Parishioners

Dec 2014 Report to Parishioners

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2014-15 Mid-Year Financial Report

Queen of the Apostles Mid-Year Financial Report

January 2015

The following table summarizes  the financial results for Queen of the Apostles during the six month period from July through December, 2014 along with a comparison to the same time period in previous years.

Income & Expenses for Six Months Ending December 31th

2011-2014 Actual

Analysis of Results

  1. Offertory for the first half of the 14-15 FY has been flat compared to the same time period in the 13-14 FY. In previous years, our offertory has increased at approximately the same rate as our increase in registered families.  If not corrected, this trend will result in a lower savings rate and reduce our ability to finance long term debt (mortgage) for our new church.
  2. We are significantly short ( by $14,222 ) of our DSA goal for 2014. This is a direct result of a lower participation rate than in previous years.  The shortfall will be paid from our saving.
  3. Expenses during the four year period have been relatively flat considering the increase in registered families and expansion of ministries. Effective cost control by our staff is evident and has been a significant contributor to our positive savings rate.

Building A Home For All

The Capital Campaign Committee has been busy working on alternatives / plans to finance our new church.  There have been both internal discussions and meetings with diocese financial personnel to explore our options for mortgage financing and raising additional money (for the estimated $700,000 shortfall).   The following chart is a preliminary financial plan, and is very much a work in progress.

2014 Projected Funding Source

Key Points

  1. Our participation rate for the capital campaign has been approximately 38% to date.
  2. Our plan assumes that we spend almost all of our savings to build our new church, and that our savings will continue to grow at our normal rate.
  3. Our plan assumes that our operating cash flow will support the mortgage debt over a 15 year period.

Our Challenge

  1. All parishioners need to prayerfully consider their commitment to the offertory. The flat trend recently experienced will limit our ability to both pay our mortgage and to maintain our saving rate.
  2. We must increase our participation rate for the capital campaign. Parishioners who have not yet participated need to prayerfully consider making a pledge.
  3. DSA participation needs to increase. The shortfall reduces our savings and our ability to build a new church.

Thank you for your continued support. Please contact any member of the Finance Council if you have questions:

Charlie Boyd, Chairperson  704-825-4669     cboyd98841@aol.com

Dave Charzewski                   704-824-7198     charzewski@aol.com

Rick Houser                           704-824-4889     ricklhouser@gmail.com

Greg Hoehne                        704-689-4550     greg.hoehne@gmail.com

Angelina McArthur              704-675-5091     namcamp59@gmail.com

Brett Wood                           704-675-5091     mwcpallp@gmail.com

Michael Vasko                        704-829-6749     gmacmoneyman@aol.com

Dorothy Wilson                      704-879-9014     dwilson@mercysc.org.

Ryan Schrift                            814-233-7151     Ryan.Schrift@lpl.com

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