Building A Home for All

Almost completed!

The exterior of our new church is completed and work on the interior is progressing rapidly. See the Weekly Progress Pictures for new photos. 


Estimated cost of the new church:   $4.15 million 

Expected Contributions                      $3.5 million

Expected Mortgage                             $650,000.00

Participating families:                          536 (50%)

Please mark your calendars for the Dedication Mass of February 23, 2020.


For any questions regarding the new church building, please contact Stu LaFrancis at 704-867-6092 or cell 704-363-1402.

Please prayerfully consider making a new pledge or completing your existing pledge. Please click on the Why Pledge? button for more info or click on the Pledge Now button today to help us achieve our vision of Building a Home for All!