Construction Schedule

Now that work has begun, we want to keep you aware of what will be happening and when. Check this page regularly for updates as it will change depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We will also publish more details as we approach their time.  

PHASE 1 - Parking and construction preparation - Approximately 12 weeks total

Before construction of the physical church can commence, certain items need to be completed first including delivery of the Port-a-John! Given that the new building will take away all of the existing rear parking lot, it is imperative that we build the new parking lot first. We will also clear land and build a retention pond at the back of our property to ensure none of the runoff flows into the adjoining properties.

Step 1 - Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

  • Install Silt Fencing

  • Clear land for Retention Pond

  • Create Retention Pond

  • Have Fencing and Retention Pond inspected and approved before proceeding

Step 2 - Approximately 1 to 2 weeks

  • Clear remaining trees around pond and parking areas 

  • Remove existing asphalt parking area

  • Remove shrubs near sidewalk going to St. Benedict building

Step 3.1 - Approximately 3 to 4 weeks

  • Remove and replace existing unsuitable soil

  • Perform rough grading and import fill for building pad

Step 3.2 - Approximately 3 to 4 weeks

  • Establish grades for new parking area

  • Install water, sewer and storm piping

  • Curb, fine grading, stone base and asphalt

Step 4 - TBD

  • Commence vertical construction of building

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