Make a Donation using Online Giving

As you may know, we offer Online Giving as a way to give your weekly offering. Using the Online Giving option on the website, you can enroll by providing your information and the amount you want to give in a secure webpage. Then your weekly offering is automatically debited from your checking account and given to the church, even when you cannot attend mass. A new option was recently added giving the option of paying by credit card. You can also set the frequency of your offering to weekly, monthly, etc. to suit your needs.

Furthermore, you can now use Online Giving to set up one-time or regular payments to the Building fund. Previously, the only way you could do this was by filling out a form and mailing it the Diocesan Office of Development. Now, you can do this yourself safely and securely through our website. One of the boxes to be completed asks you to stipulate General Fund or Building Fund. Select General for your regular weekly offering and Building for the new church.

And just think of all those extra reward points you will be getting on your credit card for payments which are already in your budget!  Perhaps giving through Online Giving will help you earn enough miles for free flights to a tropical paradise! 

So if you've already made a pledge or want to make a one-time donation, please consider clicking on the Online Giving button now.  Many hands make light work! 

Ready to make a pledge? You can click on the Pledge Now button and complete the form. This will be sent to Susan, our parish Business Manager, who keeps track of all of our contributions.