Why make a pledge?

Are you debating whether to make a pledge for the campaign? Do you have concerns like "I don't know what my financial situation will be" or "what if I can't make a payment on time?" or "what if my pledge is insufficient?" These feelings are not uncommon. But please consider the following:

Pledges are not obligations. They are a statement of what you wish to give when you make the pledge. But circumstances can and do change that may impact your ability to honor that pledge. We understand! All you need to do is let us know what needs to change. No questions asked. 

All Pledges are welcomed. No one will judge your pledge. We all have many demands on our finances and only you can determine your priorities. What you can give is what you can give.  Remember, the widow’s offering (See Mark 12:41-44) of her last two coins was far greater in Jesus’ eyes than those that gave out of their wealth. We don’t seek equal pledges, but we do strive for equal sacrifice. 

So why pledge? As we proceed toward our goal of “Building a Home for All” in our new church, we seek the additional pledges we require to get us to the goal. These pledges are critical to showing the Diocese that we are serious in our commitment to this goal. We are getting close to that goal, but still need your help.  If you have hesitated from making a pledge in the past, we ask you to prayerfully reconsider and make a pledge now. 

Ready to make a pledge? You can click on the Pledge Now button and complete the form. This will be sent to Susan, our parish Business Manager, who keeps track of all of our contributions.