SEPTEMBER 13-20, 2020



Our diocese requires that all children preparing for a sacrament must have at least two years of consecutive formal religious formation in a Faith Formation program or Catholic school during the preparation.  The current enrollment in the Faith Formation program can be counted as the second year.  

Confirmation Program

Our Confirmation preparation program has two options available this year: a hybrid option and also a complete virtual option.  Based on restrictions at the time of the scheduled program and in accordance with government and diocesan restrictions, we will meet on-campus for the hybrid option if possible. 


Hybrid preparation will consist of an hour session before EDGE meets starting at 4:45pm following the EDGE calendar.  A box meal will be provided after the session transitioning into the EDGE meet.  There will also be supplemental video sessions that will be required on the specified dates below.


Virtual preparation will consist of 12 hours of instructional video and assigned work to be completed weekly following the same schedule as the hybrid.  More details will be available closer to the program time. 



  • Preparation of hybrid and virtual programs will be held weekly from January 3 through March 21

  • Practice with Sponsors:  TBA

  • Confirmation Mass:  TBA


If you have any questions, please call Debbie Seeger, Director of Faith Formation, at 704.825.9600 ext. 26 or email formation@queenoftheapostles.org.